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Regrow your eyelashes

Is there a product that helps to re-grow eyelashes, both effectively and quickly?

Yes, there is.

We are proud to make this product available to you!

Our product will enable your lashes to grow and thicken with incredible speed and visible results, in just 3 days. CléaCléo, a Quebec based company, developed MAGIK LASH BOOSTER, a serum that is 100% natural, consisting of vegetable extracts and essential oils, paraben (chemical) free. In addition, the formula is colorless, odorless and non-greasy. It has been fully tested for a period of over five years with an overall positive satisfaction rate of 91%. Act now to begin the process of restoring your eyelashes.

Eyelashes are often seen as marks of beauty and long eyelashes are a sign of femininity. Don't wait any longer, order now.

In all stages of life, our eyelashes grow normally, their growth cycle is every three months but Magik Lash Booster will prolong the life of your lashes for up to six months! The upper lashes have more volume than the lower lashes: 150 to 200 lashes versus 50 -150 lashes. They are also longer in length: 8 to 12 mm versus 6 to 8 mm on the bottom lash. Magik Lash Booster will lengthen your lashes by 0.3 mm to .5 mm.

With age, eyelashes have a tendency to grow more sparsely. It is often found that when a person experiences an emotionally traumatic experience or suffers from an illness, their eyelashes become fragile and fall out more frequently. That is why you should strengthen your existing lashes and stimulate new lash growth for these very reasons.

Magik Lash Booster protects your eyelashes and eyebrows against the negative effects of UV rays, the main cause of premature aging. Vitamins contained in the booster are similar to photoprotection, where the mechanism prevents direct DNA damage, the Booster provides vital protection and aids in the fight against aging and the premature loss of lashes and eyebrows. Use daily to keep your lashes and brows healthy. The vitamin helps to promote growth of the eyelashes and eyebrows by slowing the aging process and increasing the microcirculation at the bulb of the hair while protecting the cell membranes. The serum that was specially designed by CléaCléo limits the peroxidation of the sebum lipids by reducing the occurrence of dryness on the base of the lashes. It thickens, strengthens, restructures, moisturizes and is hypoallergenic. It is also colorless, odorless and promotes growth of eyelashes and eyebrows after chemotherapy treatments. It also repairs damage caused by eyelash extensions. It is easy to apply, natural and contains no preservatives or toxic ingredients.

MAGIK LASH BOOSTER is all natural and effective!

You're solution to the complete loss of eyelashes.

Semi-permanent or fake lashes damage your natural lashes. In the long term, the continued use of wearing false eyelashes may prevent the natural growth of your own eyelashes. (Note, damaging glue is used to apply false eyelashes). As a result, lashes that have fallen out will be much more fragile and the re-growth will be very weak or, even possibly, never grow back again. Imagine not having to leave the comforts of your own home. Let Magik Lash Booster become your product of choice. A simple application at bedtime will give you a natural look that will turn heads.

Magik Lash Booster's goal is to eliminate synthetic products and replace it with all natural ones. No other product can match the satisfaction that you will get from Magik Lash Booster. Challenge your look. With new found confidence, you'll never see life the same way, people will notice your captivating eyes, like MAGIK. The ease of use will produce immediate results in no time. You will be surprised of the end result.


The Magik Lash Booster serum works at reactivating the hair bulb blood flow while activating the growth of eyelashes quicker and healthier. With daily use, you will see noticeable improvements on the thickness of your lashes in about three days and changes in length after approximately 7 days.

Directions: Shake bottle well before use. Apply to clean and dry eyelashes or eyebrows, at bedtime. Apply a drop on your index finger and apply from the root to the tip of the lashes gently. Leave on overnight. In the morning, rinse the eyelashes and apply makeup as usual. For eyebrows, apply the serum by gently massaging it in the brow area. MAGIK LASH BOOSTER should be applied nightly for best results.